Monday, 15 October 2012

It's been a while!

Well its been a some time since my last post and I am glad to say my latest project of the Tamiya 1:35 Universal Bren Gun Carrier is finally finished and made its way off the bench!

This build was intended to be part of the club group build back in June however due to our new family arrival and other family commitments things went a little slow, needless to say that the Vietnam project for the November meeting is still in its box!

Must say I really enjoyed building this kit, even if slow, with it going together lovely as expected by the Tamiya brand. I built out of box with one extra figure from my stash.

Whilst this is the kit for the European campaign, I decided to model it in the North Africa colours as I wanted to try something new as always and attempt my first ever dessert base.

The base was constructed with the usual wooden picture frame and the ground being made of claycrete, a touch of cat litter with bird sand being scattered all over after an initial paint of a desert base colour. After it had dried it was then given further colour using pigments and artist pastels followed by a coat of Klear to seal all.

As you will see I have also added a Milliput ''Egyptian Banded'' Cobra as it is my aim to try and put a living creature into future builds.

Glad to say although this was well and truly late for the club ''Desert'' group build, I presented it the other week and it came 2nd in the monthly competition we have at each meeting.

Well less of the chat and as always I will let the pictures do the talking!

And thanks for looking in, Rich

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