Sunday, 18 December 2011

-1 degrees outside and writing my first blog....not sure why?

Well its -1 degrees outside and after a long day i'm not wanting to venture to the shed!

Instead, for some reason which I'm not quite sure why,  I thought I would have a go at posting my first ever blog! As with any new model I'm not sure where it will take me, and as I do not have any instructions, god knows what it will be like?

Anyway, my chosen name the Scalemodelgeek derives from my good lady or SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) who refers to me has her ''geek'' whenever referring to my hobby....enough said! 

Like many I have returned to the Scale Modelling hobby now that I have settled down and somewhat left the younger years behind me and have once again been bitten by the bug! The best bit is that I have a dedicated work bench which is a far cry larger than the tray my mum confined me to 25 years ago! The downside is how much models cost these days! Oh how I cherish the days of running down to the local toy shop (another thing of the past) to buy the latest Airfix kit for just a few pounds to then exictedly get it home and open the box. Wow how this first ever blog is stirring up memories, I can smell the vapours of the glue like it was yesterday!

The thing that amazed me the most, and must say excites me like the time running to the toy shop  is how big the hobby is now with all the conversion kits and extras one can get, the only downer more to SWMBO's annoyance is it means more to spend my money on, not forgetting the annual Scale Model World exhibition in Telford UK.

Anyway, the things I like and hope to build will be from accros the scales, which could be quite anything as its really what takes my fancy. Mostly models will however be WWII and either aircraft or armour.

Like I say its been a long day, so time to log off as got an early start in the morning so until my next blog, happy modelling and I look forward to sharing my latest creations as they take shape from the bench.


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