Friday, 30 December 2011

Last Post of 2011

Well as I type it’s less than 48 hours until the New Year and whilst I wait for things to dry with my current build thought it about time to start planning for 2012 projects, but before I start, here is a quick update with my current build.

Okay, so Christmas has slowed things down a tad, that’s not saying I haven’t made any progress however as the photos below illustrate a basic base to display my finished model and figures. Photos are not the greatest but hopefully you may be able to see some earthly weathering on the Krad to muck it up? Like I say figures and Krad are now drying after the start of the final coats to seal all, so that glossiness you see will be gone!

As I was stuck for a base and wanting it to be cheap I decided to make (or knock up more to the point) a base using materials I already have, they where, an old lid from a baby milk tin, some polystyrene from the kids presents with a dollop of Claycrete paper maché mix coloured with earth pigments, finally topped off with a handful of cat litter, clean of course, for that gravel effect.


All in all I’m pleased with the results and it’s just a matter of giving it more colour, adding some grass and foliage, issuing weapons and finally getting rid of the yellow trim before fixing the model and being able to say it’s complete!

So back to 2012!

As many of you have probably done I have taken stock after Christmas to assess what I have in the stash (see separate tab top of page), or should I say not built yet! Anyhow 2012 is already looking like I will be having plenty to do and to make a dent in the stash before the shows start again, not forgetting baby number three is due!

Three projects I will definitely be doing are group builds at the model club. They are going to be ‘’Home Front’’, ‘’Desert’’ and ''Vietnam''. With just the three that should sort one of my RAF Bombers out with the R.A.F refuelling kit just purchased, the Personnel carrier for in the desert and the Huey in Vietnam!

Other projects I hope to undertake is something to incorporate my 1:48 Spitfire in addition to the German Truck and Schwimwagen which I intend to pose with the 1:72 Focke Wulf FW-189 ‘’Flying Eye’’, I might even be tempted to do my first ever winter scene? Finally the Sea King I last did as a kid might even get built to take me back down memory lane!

Anyway, don’t hold me to the above as I change like the weather and I’m sure when the Halifax arrives from pre-order (note to self to add to list) that and the Lancaster might just have to be built! Not forgetting the new catalogues and model releases to further add to the stash!

Well until my next post enjoy the celebrations and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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