Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Introducing the Bench

Well made it to the shed tonight folks and without further ado I am please to introduce my good old shed complete with the bench that will be crucial to all my efforts!

Well, now that the introductions are taken care of I thought it best to start the ball rolling and let you know what is currently on the bench at present!

Well here it is, a nice little Tamiya Kettenkraftrad Kit that I am building straight out of the box with the intentions of just a little base, nothing complicated as this is my second ever attempt at 1/35 figures!

Progress to date is as in images below with all having a coat of Klear hense the gloss finish with Decals in the process of being added  prior to weathering.

Paints I use are acrylic with some enamel for details and oils for skin tones and shading. Apologies for the yellow tint, this is the result of photographing in poor light!

 Anyway, hope this is the start of things to come, as I say quick post as SWMBO is calling!

Until next time happy modelling


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